About Us

The Ostwind Crew consists of Mario, Jörg, Nils and Carsten.
Besides Carsten, who lives in Schwerin, everyone is from the surrounding area of Plau am See. For years we are fallen in love with electronic dance music, each of us in his own way. This delight alone is reason enough for us to share it with the rest of the world. How could this be easier to achieve than with our own record label. This frees usfrom being exposed to the preferences, regulations, conditions and the arbitrariness of various record label heads. The primary goal is to press our own taste of music on the black gold and present it to the public.

The Ostwind Records „Standard“ series

On 19.12.2004 the Ostwind Records „Standard“ series was established with the Aufwind E.P. With that series our young record label got its first own musical style. In this context „Standard“ should not be seen as an average value definition but rather as a foundation for everything which was and is about to come. We define the Standard series as a platform for artists, whose music we like and think is up-to-date.

The Ostwind Records „Limited“ series

It is claimed a thousand times, but never realized.
But in our case Limited is really limited.
This means that all Ostwind Limited releases are pressed with a maximum run of 1.000 vinyl copies regardless of the market acceptance.
Our musical roots are the center of this series. Due to that fact most of the productions of the Limited series follow the styles of Chicago, Detroit, Techhouse and Acid.At the Limited series we precisely follow our dogma „Maximal in spite of Minimal”. All of these releases are offered for sale to the passionate vinyl-record hunters and collectors without any big unnecessary colored covers, labels or tags.


The Ostwind Records „Spezi“ series

In our OstwindSpezi derivative we release tracks which have the certain depth. It is a platform for artists who do not produce tracks, which are functional and for the club, but instead focus on conveying an emotional state and take the listener on a journey to their own center. Ostwind Spezi is definitely for those who like it a little playful but also with a touch of melancholy.



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